Woman reports sex assault in Broad Ripple

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Metro Police are investigating another attack in Broad Ripple.

Officers were called to the 6300 block of North Guilford at around 3:00 am Sunday.

Two men told police that they found the alleged victim in front of the Qdoba restaurant, crying and intoxicated. The men tried to get her a cab, but she refused and asked them to call her father instead. Her father arrived on the scene and she told him she had been raped and that her purse had been stolen after a man surprised her at her car.

"When they arrived, they had a female victim that claimed she had a sexual assault at that time. Our detectives are looking into this," said IMPD Officer Anthony Schneider.

Detectives are also looking into two other separate attacks in Broad Ripple within the last week. Women were targeted in both of those assaults.

"I got to my car and I was getting in the car and when I turned around, there was a guy with a gun," said Christine, one of last week's victims.

Detectives are trying to gather as much information as possible from all three victims to determine if they may be connected. All of the suspects had their purses stolen in the attack.

Meanwhile, residents are being more cautious.

"I think it's terrible," said Kathryn, a Broad Ripple resident.

Kathryn recently moved to Broad Ripple and now stays on alert. After a warning from her mother, who learned about the first two attacks, she started doing things a lot different.

"I get dropped off after school, so my friends are always waiting for me to get in the door and I just don't go out to run my errands at three in the morning anymore," she said.

"I texted her, because she was in classes and would be coming home. It had just happened and it's within a block of her house. I felt like she didn't need to be a sitting duck if she didn't know," said her mother, Margaret.

Police are asking women especially to avoid walking in the area alone at night.

Call 262-TIPS with any information related to these cases.