Woman pulled over by police impersonator in Boone County

Patty Wallace did the right thing when a police impersonator tried to get her in his car.
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A scary situation for a woman in Boone County, who says she was confronted by a police impersonator who tried to get her into his car.

The fake officer stopped her near SR 75 and CR 400 South at 5 a.m. Monday. The woman was alone and saw police dashboard lights in her mirror.

"I came to a complete stop and rolled my window down," said Patty Wallace, who was on her way to work.

What happened next just outside the tiny town of Advance just didn't feel right to Patty.

"He walked up to my window and told me I was speeding and I needed to walk back to his car," she said.

But Patty says the man who came to her window had no visible badge, he was all in black and never even asked to see her license.

"I kind of looked at him funny. I noticed he wasn't in uniform. I told him I'm not coming back to your car, please call another officer," she said.

Patty says he walked back to his dark Ford Crown Victoria. She thought he was calling another officer, but he took off. She called 911.

"I've got to give great kudos to this lady. She was very smart she trusted her instincts," said Boone County Sheriff Ken Campbell.

Campbell says if you have doubts about the car pulling you over, slow down, put your emergency flashers on and drive to the nearest safe place, like a gas station. Also, call 911 while you're driving to let them know you're not fleeing.

Then, when you stop, "as you roll your window down a little bit to pass your documents, there's nothing wrong with saying, 'Sir, I'm scared. Could you please call for another police officer?'," Campbell said.

Patty says she's thought about what might have happened had she not gotten out of her car this morning.

"That I may not be here today," she said.

In Indiana, for a police officer in plain clothes to pull over a car, they must be in a marked vehicle. To pull you over in an unmarked car, the officer must be in full uniform.

The Boone County sheriff is still looking for the suspected impersonator. He is six feet tall with short dark hair and was dressed in black. His victim says the man acted professionally, other than not asking for her identification.