Woman in wheelchair struck, killed on Indianapolis northwest side

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A woman in a motorized wheelchair was struck and killed by a vehicle on the Indianapolis northwest side Thursday afternoon.

Kelly Morris was struck as she crossed W. 34th Street near Georgetown Road.

"Her last words were, 'I hurt'," said Kelly's brother, Michael Scott.

The brother and sister were on her daily trip to the library, four blocks from home. Michael held Kelly's hand as she passed away.

"This car turned on 34th, I said, 'Kelly, stop!' and next thing I know, she got injured and then died," Michael said.

Carol Brumett lives across the street from where Kelly died. She says, "I believe she probably crossed over the same as I would. I don't cross at the light. She didn't either."

Carol, a quadriplegic, knows something about mobility issues. She says car drivers in her neighborhood are "just terrible. They drive fast they don't pay attention."

At the corner of Georgetown and 34th, there are fairly new wheelchair ramps at all the curbs to make it safer to cross here. But once across, there are no sidewalks on the south side if you're heading to the library. That's why Kelly, Carol and the others in wheelchairs cross in the middle of the block from one business driveway to another. It's easier in a wheelchair, they say.

"She makes it all the time. She crosses there all the time," said Kelly's brother. "And this is the only time somebody comes around and, boom, hits her."

Everybody told us drivers have to be more watchful for wheelchairs.

But police always tell us marked crosswalks are the best, safest place to cross in a wheelchair or walking. Still, for Carol, "we need sidewalks on that side of the street."

"Miss her the rest of my life. This is going to be horrible to get over," said Kelly's boyfriend, Mark Hanks.

Eyewitness News gave Mark and Michael Kelly's library summer reading club card we found on the curb. She had already won one prize for her reading.

"We had tickets to go to the State Fair this year," Michael said.

Mark looked forward to the day at the fair.

"I kissed her and she went to the library and she was gone," he said.

Police interviewed the driver of the car that struck Morris. The accident remains under investigation.