Woman hopes Facebook helps solve missing persons case

Brandy Wilson has been missing since June 2002.
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A family friend of a rural Indiana mother missing for 10 years has turned to social media for clues.

The mysterious disappearance of Brandy Wilson rocked their small town.

"I think of her all the time and right before Christmas, it hit me pretty hard," said Patty Keaton, a friend of Wilson's family.

Despite few leads, for the past decade, Keaton has worked to keep the investigation about Wilson's disappearance on the front burner. Now, she believes she hit a new spark with social media.

"I just put a little something on the website I had and like 48 people joined up in the last couple of weeks," Keaton said.

The details about Wilson's disappearance are on the Facebook page. On June 4, 2002, the 24-year-old mother of two boys did not show up for work at the Donaldson plant in Frankfort. She reportedly told another friend if she was a no-show the next day at work, then something bad has happened to her.

Wilson lived in Colfax, with her boys and husband, Kenny. Detectives followed every lead to no avail.

"There are just no more leads. No leads, nothing to be found," Keaton said.

During the investigation, detectives learned that Wilson left the couple's home without taking one of the family's vehicles. She also didn't take any jewelry or clothing, something Keaton says doesn't make sense. It makes her all the more determined to figure out what happened.

"I won't give up. I can't. I have a heart," Keaton said. "If you know something, it's time."

Keaton has also posted pictures of Wilson on Facebook, hoping they will strike a sympathy chord with someone who knows what really happened to Brandy.

"Bring Brandy Wilson Home" Facebook page