Woman, guide dog turned away at Johnson Co. restaurant

Pam Bless with her guide dog.

An Indiana woman wants her experience at a Johnson County restaurant to help others understand the law about service dogs.

Pam Bless goes everywhere with her service dog, a nine-year-old Golden Retriever. By law, certified guide dogs are allowed in restaurants through the Americans with Disabilities Act.

But Bless says earlier this week, employees of a Johnson County restaurant told her to take the dog outside so it wouldn't bother other customers. She says when she threatened to call police, the manager called his boss and only allowed her to order food for take-out.

"Most people are aware and, to be honest, if you're a manager in a restaurant, or in a leadership position, ignorance is not an excuse. You need to educate yourself," Bless said. "My goal is to make it easier for the next person or for me when I go back to another place."

The restaurant manager told Eyewitness News there was no problem, since they eventually served Pam her food to go.