Woman crashes car into her own apartment

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A driver was parking her car at an apartment complex and ended up driving through a sliding glass door - coming to a stop inside her own apartment. 

Firefighters came across the incident while responding to a run in an adjacent complex. 

It happened in the 4300 block of North High school Road.  

The EMS run was at Booth Manor Apartments which sits just southwest of the Whisper Pines Complex. The two are separated by a fence.

When firefighters arrived to the injured person run at Booth Manor, they heard residents talking about hearing a loud boom. Not finding anything unusual at Booth Manor they continued treating the injured person there.

A few minutes later they found that a car had driven into an apartment but did so cleanly enough that the damage was not clearly visible from where firefighters were standing.

They called for a collapse rescue team and an additional medic crew. 

The driver was out of her car and sitting on the sidewalk when crews arrived to assist. She told firefighters that she had just come from the store and was pulling her car into a spot in front of her apartment. She said next thing she knew, her car was inside her apartment and she does not remember how it got there.

Medics transported her to Eskenazi to be checked out as a precaution.

The damage to the structure was mostly at the glass door area and no structure collapse shoring was needed.

The injured person at Booth Manor was not connected to the car into the building incident.