Woman, child rescued after car goes into Fishers lake

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A woman and her young daughter were rescued after their car went into the lake at 116th and Hoosier Road.

It happened just after noon Thursday.

According to Fishers Police, the driver of a 2010 Honda Pilot was driving eastbound on 116th when she encountered slush on the road and attempted to change lanes when she lost control. The SUV veered off the roadway, jumped the curb, broke through a fence and went into the lake.

The driver and her five-year-old daughter got out and swam to shore with the help of at least three people who stopped to help. The first witness summoned help from others on 116th, and police say three or more men went into the water to help the mother and child get to safety.

Rhonda Curry witnessed the SUV go into the water.

"I can swim but I wasn't going to jump in the water because I was cold," she said.

Curry spoke with the driver as the SUV started sinking.

"I saw her get the windows down. I said, 'You need to get out of that car now before it goes underwater.' She could not get the door open. It was already submerged," said Curry.

By the time dive team firefighters responded to the scene, Curry says several passersby had already jumped into the pond to help rescue the mother and her daughter. Police say the mother and daughter may not have survived if not for the quick reaction by the Good Samaritans, especially with the water being so cold.

"Close to freezing out here and your muscles are going to tighten up on you and it's going to be hard to move. It's a quick progression on your body," explained Ron Lipps, Fishers Deputy Fire Marshal.

The SUV sustained significant damage from the fence on the ground. The impact also knocked off the passenger side mirror.

The lake is actually a former quarry. Divers were concerned at first that the SUV was in water up to 80 feet deep, but the depth turned out to be about 15 feet where the Pilot came to rest.

Divers from the police and fire departments assisted in the recovery of the vehicle. It was completely submerged and located approximately 50 feet from the shore.

"She just was in shock. She just looked at me. They had her on the ground and dragged the woman up here. We put all the blankets everybody had around her," said Curry.

Curry says right after the crash, she talked to the victim's husband on the phone to let him know about the crash.

Fishers Police and Fire personnel responded to the scene. The two crash victims and three Good Samaritans who went into the water to save them were treated at the scene and then taken to local hospitals to be treated for exposure to the cold water.

The eastbound lanes of 116th St. were closed between Hoosier and Cumberland Roads while police investigated the accident. 116th was back open by 2:45 pm.

Everyone involved is expected to recover.