Woman chases down alleged peeping tom

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Chris Proffitt/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - A man is now accused of taking cell phone pictures of a woman as she undressed in a changing room in Castleton Square Mall. Police say he might have gotten away had he not angered the wrong woman.

Kelly Stone, 28, got mad, and for that, a man was arrested. It happened early Tuesday evening in a clothing store dressing room at Castleton Square Mall.

"I look down and I see a guy's hand underneath the door with a camera and I yelled at him, 'What are you doing?'" said Stone, who was in the changing room at H&M.

Stone says that man is 31-year-old Adam Mittler of Indianapolis, and that he was taking photos of her with a cell phone camera while she was undressing. Stone threw on her clothes and alerted store employees after she says she spotted Mittler, who allegedly still had the phone in his hand as he walked out.

The victim tells police that she followed Mittler from the store through the mall toward the AMC theater where she confronted him, snatching the cell phone from his hand.

"He was flabbergasted. He stuttered and the only thing he said after I got his cell phone was, 'Why did you take my cell phone?'" said Stone.

Police recovered photos from Mittler's phone taken of Stone in the store dressing room. He was detained by mall security and arrested by IMPD officers after allegedly admitting to officers that he took the pictures.

According to the police report, Mittler was also accused of trying to look at a woman under a restroom stall at IUPUI in May. He was issued a trespass warning by campus police and released. While Stone's actions helped lead to an arrest, police warn that what she did can be dangerous.

"Approaching an individual to take property from them can be dicey. It worked out okay for her and in this incident, we have a suspect arrested in this crime," said Sgt. Linda Jackson, IMPD.

"I probably shouldn't have done that. I probably shouldn't have chased him, but I couldn't believe that someone would do that and that a mall full of people would let this guy get away," said Stone.

But he didn't get away. Police say he was caught red-handed after he was in the wrong place and angered the wrong woman.

Along with police, Kelly Stone warns women to be aware when using store dressing rooms. She said that there were co-ed dressing rooms in the store she was in when the picture were taken.