Woman arrested for burglary of Greenwood home

Anne Stier

A Greenwood woman is facing burglary charges for breaking into a home over the weekend.

Police responded to the reported burglary on Tulip Lane Sunday morning. A homeowner told police someone entered his home by removing a screen from a basement window.

The man noticed a pair of his daughter's shoes were missing, but a pair of wet, grassy sneakers were left in their place. He also said his computer had been moved from the living room to the garage and a bike had been moved from the garage to the dining room.

An SUV in the man's garage had been rummaged through, but nothing appeared stolen, though the man's car and house keys were gone. A BMX-style bicycle was also taken from the home.

The homeowner also told police his wallet had been stolen, but a woman returned it before he called police to report the burglary.

A short time later, medics called police to Southland Community Church, where a woman wasn't injured, but seemed confused. The woman, identified as Alice Anne Stier, 27, was wearing shoes matching the description of the ones stolen and had a bicycle matching that which was stolen from the Tulip Lane home.

Stier is being held on a felony charge of burglary.