Woman accused in deadly DUI crash to change plea to guilty

A woman charged in a deadly drunk driving crash last year is requesting a change of plea hearing.

Paige Byers, 22, of Noblesville, is charged with two counts of DUI causing death. She will change her plea to guilty in a hearing scheduled for May 27, 2015. A jury trial had been scheduled for last month but was canceled.

The crash happened in August 2014 on Fall Creek Road. Fifty-year-old David Foster and his 28-year-old stepdaughter, Whitney Miller, were killed in the crash. Miller's mother, Marsha Foster, was seriously injured.

The night started with family bowling. It was the first time in a long time the entire family had been together.

"We never saw them again," said Whitney's sister, Amber Davidson.

They split ways and drove home. David, Marsha, and Whitney were in one car.

"I just remember watching them, looking at the license plate when they drove away and that was it," Davidson said.

Fifteen minutes later, the deadly crash happened. Byers admitted to police she'd been drinking.

"I've heard it called a mistake. But I feel like she made a choice, not a mistake. It was a choice," Davidson said.

In an instant, David and Whitney were gone. Marsha was seriously hurt.

"She's in critical condition, she can't breathe on her own. I'm sitting there watching her, me and my brother, like, that's our whole family," Davidson said.

David Foster's sister, Wanda Kucinich, remembers her brother as an Army veteran and good man.

"He loved his family. He just would take on extra work just to provide the extras for his family, or for the grandkids," Kucinich said.

Whitney Miller was a proud mom. She left four young children behind, all under the age of 10.

"To watch a two-year-old say goodbye to her mother is the worst thing you can imagine," Kucinich said.

"The mother that she was and how it was almost impossible not to love her. She was just one of those people, she was always hopeful and optimistic," Davidson said.

Marsha Foster's face was badly injured in the crash. In an interview last year, she said she wanted to be there for the trial - but now it appears there won't be one.

"It's so that she can see and maybe feel something. We want to see what happens to her. We want to see if justice is served," Davidson said.