Woman, 82, found tied up in home

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Residents of an east Indianapolis neighborhood are trying to figure out who tied up an 82-year-old woman during a home invasion.

Neighbors say the woman has been working to spruce up her house in the 300 block of Jefferson Avenue for several months. The siding on her house is being replaced by work crews.

When contractors arrived Monday morning, they noticed her back door was open, but the woman was nowhere to be found. As the crews prepared to work on the house they noticed some strange noises coming from the basement of the home. When they investigated, they found the woman bound to a chair in the basement and her head wrapped with duct tape - including her mouth - to keep her from screaming.

"She had been there long enough for her to lose track of time, so she had no idea even what day it was," said IMPD Lt. Chris Bailey.

Police believe the attack happened Saturday night. Neighbors say they last saw her come out of her home on Saturday to feed her cats.

"She is a little old lady, she is just the nicest, sweetest lady in the world," said Randy Roberts, who grew up in the same neighborhood. "It's pretty sad. The lady's 83 years old. She's lived here all her life. The mother owned the house and lived there all her life."

The victim indicated that there may have been as many as five people who attacked her and tied her up.

"People come in and do things like they did to this lady - tie her up; put her in the basement. Whoever done this is a sick person. A sick, sick individual. It irks me. It really upsets me," Roberts said.

The woman is being treated at a local hospital and is expected to recover.

"We believe she was dehydrated right now. She had been there for a while, and 82, it's tough on your body so she's been checked out right now for all possible things," said Lt. Bailey.

As part of the investigation, detectives are checking to see if this attack is similar to any other home invasions. Police are asking anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 317-262 TIPS.