Witnesses share stories of survival at concert

(Photo by Tina Daily)

INDIANAPOLIS - Since the State Fair tragedy happened, we have been hearing stories about Hoosiers jumping into help.

Eyewitness News gathered together a group of people who were there to hear about the tragedy from the people who lived through it and who helped others live through it too.

It happened in just seconds, but the memories will probably last a lifetime. After the first few days, it's all Robert Babbitt can think about.

"Each night, I'm waking up with that stage coming at me and I'm losing a lot of sleep and everything," Babbitt said.

Dennis Brennan says he has images seared into his mind, too, of people who needed help to survive.

"The people under there, right as I walked up to see them, bloody, confused and people unconscious. It was very disturbing," he said.

For Sheila Hughes, it's not visions, but questions that haunt her.

"They could have called the concert sooner, I mean, they could have evacuated sooner, they could have let more people help," Hughes said.

For others, the lessons from what happened in a few moments will last a lifetime.

"When something happens, a tragedy, you can see how many people came together to help and you could see that you can always trust a fellow Hoosier to help out," said Jared Harris.