Witnesses share details of Bisard crash

David Bisard
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Witnesses to a crash involving suspended IMPD Officer David Bisard are giving a picture of his behavior at the accident scene in Lawrence Saturday.

Mike Milakis is not surprised about another crash on near his home on Indiana Lake Boulevard South. He even posted a fake interstate sign because of lead foot drivers.

What did surprise him is that it involved Bisard.

"There were squad cars and lights and commotion and all the neighbors were peeking down, trying to see what was going on," said Milakis.

Laura Carroll lives directly in front of the crash site. The street is full of hills and curves and not easy to navigate.

"You have to know this street and where you are going, because it gets a little confusing," Carroll said.

The Saturday afternoon crash led to the second DUI arrest for Bisard. Witnesses say after striking the guardrail, Bisard tried to dislodge the pick-up truck owned by his father-in-law, but could not get away.

The homeowners association at Indian Lake had a speed bump put in to slow drivers down to the 20 mile per hour speed limit.

"There are concerns with speeding and you add in alcohol to that, it's a dangerous combination, for sure," said Milakis.

Bisard's wife declined comment about his arrest when Eyewitness News visited their home near the crash site.

Carroll says after two DUI arrests, she hopes the second is a wake-up call for the suspended police officer.

"Get help. Just get some help. You have a wife, you have kids. Get some help," she said.

Witnesses at the crash site believe the speed bump sent Bisard's vehicle airborne, into the guard rail and speed limit sign.

Two neighbors checked on him immediately and learned he was not injured in the crash. The neighbors did not want to go on camera but told crash scene investigators they saw Bisard chew tobacco to mask the smell of alcohol before officers arrived.