Witness shares new details about Bisard crash


Steve Jefferson/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - As another family put the city on notice to take legal action in a deadly police crash, Eyewitness News has uncovered some new details about the investigation.

Eyewitnesses, including one caught in the impact of the crash, are sharing details about the August 6 accident involving IMPD Officer David Bisard. One man, Eric Wells, was killed and two others were injured when their motorcycles were struck by the officer's police car on the northeast side.

"It was one of the most graphic things I ever seen in my life," said Tim Griffith.

Griffith says he is still somewhat traumatized by the crash. He says when Officer Bisard slammed into the two motorcycles, one of the bikes hit his car.

"When I got out of my car, there were motorcycle parts and bodies everywhere and it was pretty graphic," he said.

A nurse who tried to save Wells is also telling her story about the crash.

"I parked my car and ran over and tried to do CPR on Eric," said the nurse, who didn't want to be identified.

The nurse, who is also a mother, says her heart goes out to Eric Wells' parents.

"I was sorry they lost their son. I have two sons myself," she said.

Prosecutors threw out Officer Bisard's .19 blood alcohol content results because of a technicality and investigating officers failed to give him a breathalyzer test at the scene. But Griffith says the same officers asked him to submit a breath test.

"They just want to make sure everyone at the scene was not intoxicated and it's standard procedure," he said.

The Wells' family attorney, Linda Pence, filed court documents Monday for pending legal action and also wants her own investigation.

"Whatever the findings are that come from the city, I am not going to believe them or trust them, until I perform my own investigation," Pence said.

That will include Pence talking to not only the eyewitnesses like Griffith and the nurse, but every officer on the scene.

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