Witness says Behrman struck by truck in 2000

Jill Behrman
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A former inmate who served time with a woman who implicated herself in the 2000 death of an Indiana University student says the woman told her Jill Behrman was hit by a truck but that the accident didn't kill her.

The Herald-Times reports Kimberly Enochs testified Wednesday during a hearing for John Myers II. Myers was convicted in 2006 of killing student Jill Behrman and is serving a 65-year sentence.

He wants a new trial. His attorneys argue others may have committed the crime.

Enochs testified that Wendy Owings told her she and two others were riding in a pickup truck when they struck Behrman as she rode her bike.

Behrman's remains were discovered in a Morgan County field in 2006. She had been shot in the head.

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