Witness: Mark Leonard lost $10,000 at casino prior to blast

Mark Leonard
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A witness told investigators that Mark Leonard, one of three people charged in the fatal Nov. 10th explosion in the Richmond Hill subdivision, admitted to losing $10,000 at a casino and running up debt on Monserrate Shirley's credit cards.

Shirley is also charged in the crime that led to the deaths of Dion and Jennifer Longworth and caused millions of dollars in damage to homes in the neighborhood. Bob Leonard Jr. is also charged.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Leonard told a friend that he surfed online dating sites including one called "Plenty of Fish." According to the witness, Leonard targeted older, heavier women, took them out to dinner and convinced them to give him money he would never pay back. Leonard allegedly said he dressed nicely and arrived in an expensive-looking car so they would think he had money.

The documents also state that Leonard would set an alarm on his cell phone and pretend to take a business call in which he needed money to fix equipment to finish a construction job. If he got the money, he would never pay it back, the friend said.

The witness told police that Monserrate Shirley was aware of the scheme and approved it so long as Leonard did not sleep with the women.

The documents allege another scheme in which Leonard would take his date to the casino, tell her he forgot his wallet and ask her to make an advance on her credit card so he could gamble with the money.


Three charged in south side explosion

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