Witness breaks down in Pistorius trial

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The first witness in the trial of Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius broke down in tears Tuesday.

She says she still remembers the screams of a terrified woman on the night Pistorius admitted to shooting his girlfriend.

Pistorius was rushed in under an umbrella amongst all the waiting press trying to get a picture of him as he arrived at the courthouse.

The trial got underway as jurors listened to Monday's prosecution's witness still on the stand, who said she heard a bloodcurdling scream followed by gunshots on the night that Oscar Pistorius' girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp was shot.

The defense took over the prosecution's witness Monday and tried to pick apart her testimony.

The main point they're really aiming at is that she lives over 500 feet, almost 600 feet away from Pistorius' house and they question her ability to really be able to understand what she heard on that night.

During her cross-examination, a defense lawyer insisted the university lecturer was mistaken in saying that she heard a woman screaming and that she actually had heard Pistorius screaming for help after he realized he had killed his girlfriend.

Pistorius says he thought girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp was an intruder when he fired the shots on Valentine's Day 2013. Prosecutors allege Pistorius killed Steenkamp in an argument.

Steenkamp was hit three times in the head and once in the hip.

Earlier, the trial was interrupted when the prosecutor said an image of the witness testifying was being shown on TV, against a court order that guaranteed privacy for witnesses who request it.