Wishard-Eskenazi Health launches health insurance marketplace navigator program


As the federal health insurance marketplace opens for enrollment, Wishard-Eskenazi Health will play a vital role in helping eligible Central Indiana residents access new health insurance options. As one of four Indiana organizations selected by the Department of Health and Human Services to serve as navigators for the state's federally facilitated marketplace as part of the Affordable Care Act, Wishard-Eskenazi Health will provide information and assistance to individuals and families eligible for the exchange, helping them understand and select new insurance coverage options.

Wishard-Eskenazi Health has added a staff of navigators to implement the program, and a toll-free phone number -- .855.202.1053 -- will be used to connect residents with staff who can answer questions and provide assistance in using the online marketplace.

Wishard-Eskenazi Health and Eskenazi Health Center have launched a public education and awareness campaign to direct the public to call for information and coverage. The campaign includes outdoor billboards throughout Indianapolis, as well as advertising with local newspapers and radio stations.

Wishard-Eskenazi Health received a $590,985 grant to assist with the implementation costs of the navigator program.

The new health insurance marketplace is designed to provide uninsured Hoosiers with access to new plans being made available. Wishard-Eskenazi Health is participating in the MDWise and Anthem plans. Access may be facilitated for other plans that may be available as well, depending on the benefit coverage available through those plans. More information about the marketplace is available here.