Winter weather postpones start of term for many Indiana universities


Classes were supposed to resume at college campuses across the state, but at IU, Ball State, DePauw and Butler, students were told to stay home or stay inside.

Eyewitness News found that wasn't altogether possible at Butler Monday, where students and professors alike ventured out into the cold.

College campuses are closed all across central Indiana, including at Butler University. Crews were out clearing streets, sidewalks and parking lots in anticipation of classes resuming.

Yet in the distance, students hiked across campus. Most often they were students living in off-campus housing looking for an open food source.

But three students Eyewitness News found were on their way to Hinkle Fieldhouse.

The freezing temperatures can't stop Butler Basketball. Kellen Dunham and two managers fought the biting wind to get to practice.

"You ever been anywhere this cold before?" asked Eyewitness News.

"I have not.  It takes your breath away, how cold it is out here," said Dunham. He told Eyewitness News a limited amount of food is available on campus. Some of students favorite hangouts are closed.

Dedication doesn't stop on the court.

Professor Jason Goldsmith made the trek from home. He arrived with ice-covered eyelashes.

"I just have a little bit of work to do preparing for the semester. It's really not that bad. It's beautiful out here. This is absolutely stunning. My legs are a little bit cold but other than that everything is pretty good," said Goldmith.

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