Windy afternoon with falling temps

Nicole Misencik

Snow showers will continue to wind down around Central Indiana, but the breezy conditions are here to stay, as temps fall this afternoon.

Snow totals varied around Central Indiana today with up to 3″ of snow falling overnight into this morning.

snow totals

We now stand at the second snowiest January on record with 26.7″ of snow for Indianapolis.  The snowiest was back in 1978 when 30.6″ of snow fell.

Today temps will fall into the teens and single digits by the afternoon with wind gusts out of the west up to 40mph.

Tonight we fall to 2 degrees with partly cloudy skies.

As we get closer to daybreak Sunday morning, more snow moves in.  1-3? of snow looks likely Sunday.  The steadiest snow looks to fall from 6am to noon, however, scattered light snow showers will remain in the forecast through Monday morning.

Speaking of Monday, check out the cold blast coming our way!  At times wind chills will feel like -40.  Please prepare for this dangerous cold, and stay safe!

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