Will preserves potato chip collection for future generations

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Residents of Fort Wayne are remembering Myrtle Young today — the woman who gained attention as the "potato chip lady."

The Fort Wayne native became famous for her collection of odd shaped chips that she found while working working at a Seyfert's chip factory.

For many years, she simply kept the chips in her home.

But when a newspaper reporter told her story, the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson called.

"And this is a camel," Young told Carson. "There's no doubt about that. And the pear is rather perfect. I have lots of pears and apples. Potato chips. Johnny look at this."

Carson then ate a chip and Young screamed "No!"

That episode was one of Carson's favorites, and was included in his "best-of" collection.

Young passed away in her home Monday at the age of 90.

We're told she made a provision in her will for her potato chip collection to be preserved for future generations.