Will Colts fans head to Baltimore?

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In Baltimore, merely uttering the name "Colts" is considered heresy even now, more than a quarter-century after the team moved to Indianapolis.

Apparently, the bad blood between the two teams might mean the Indianapolis Colts fan base won't be there for Sunday's playoff game.

In every shade of blue, sporting crazy hair-dos, Colts fans always show up to support their team.

Sunday, the team won't be surrounded by blue at Lucas Oil Stadium. They'll be in Baltimore, battling the Ravens. That has the Colts' nation a little concerned. 

"It's going to be a really big controversy because we originated there," said Charlene Powell from Tipton.

Charlene Powell and her son Nate have made this week off from school all about the Colts, as they gear up for the playoff game.

There's a meet and greet with players at the Children's Museum followed by lunch downtown at the Colts Grille. Tuesday night, the family thought about making the trek to Baltimore for the game.

"We were joking on the iPad last night. How far is it? How long would it take to get there," said Powell.

Nate proudly wore his new Andrew Luck jersey Wednesday. It was a Christmas gift from his grandmother. Nate said he is happy the family decided not to make the trip to Baltimore.

Indianapolis resident Todd Check said he would love to be at the game: "If we'd have the tickets we'd go. It doesn't matter if we were sitting in between Baltimore fans or not. We'd cheer for the Colts."

But, a lot of our WTHR Facebook friends didn't feel the same way.  Colts fans haven't felt welcome since the team's move. Some of the Ravens fans have been rather aggressive in the past.

Hopefully, the Colts nation shows up, regardless of the storied history, to watch another chapter in our storybook season.

"I think the rivalry will make people go more. I think people like that. They get a kick out of it and makes it more exciting," said Shelley Hendrick, Indianapolis.

Of course, money is the biggest factor, preventing people from heading to Baltimore for Sunday's playoff game.

The price for a round-trip plane ticket is averaging $500 a person for the weekend when Eyewitness News checked Wednesday afternoon on Expedia. 

The Colts play the Ravens Sunday at 1:00 pm.