Widow asks community to honor officers

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The widow of a fallen Indianapolis Metro Police officer is calling on the community to honor those who work to forge peace. Jamie Bradway's words come in response to the 38th Annual Remembrance Service for Marion County Officers who died in the line of duty.

The widow joins other families now among the ranks of those who will "never forget."

Vowing to "never forget" law enforcement from across Marion County gathered to remember those who died in the line of duty: 131 officers since 1883.

Some of the family names are fresh in our memories:

Deputy Jason Baker (2001), IMPD Officer Timothy "Jake" Laird (2004), Butler Police Officer James Davis (2004) and IMPD Officer David Moore (2011)

"We bring comfort to each other. I just think that's so important. We can't go through life alone. None of us can. We have to reach out to each other. We have to be there for each other," said IMPD Sgt. Jo Moore, the mother of Officer David Moore.

Others are embedded deep in history, like Officer Samuel Irish who died from heat stroke on July 6, 1905.

FOP Lodge 86 organized the event. Families representing all fallen officers placed a black flag on a memorial.

For some families, the annual service is a decades old tradition.

"Celebrating the life of my uncle who passed away in 1937. Paul Minneman with the Indiana State Police," said Jody Gibbs.

It's a first for Jamie Bradway, whose husband Rod Bradway was killed during a shootout last September while saving the life of a domestic violence victim.

"It's heart-wrenching to know other families have had to go through this," she said, joining a new family of wives, husbands, mothers, and fathers placing flags on a memorial to honor the lives of those who served.

At a time of record-breaking homicides in Marion County, her heart begs for protection for those on the front line.

"Thank your police officers, let them know you care about them," Bradway said.

As officers headed out to their various patrols, they did so with a prayer: That not many more join the ranks of the fallen.