"Wicked" opens in Indianapolis

The Broadway hit "Wicked" opened in Indianapolis last week.
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For 10 years, the musical "Wicked" has been popular with fans. The Broadway blockbuster has now landed in Indianapolis.

It takes 13 semis, 100 crew members and 30 hours of work to set up the "untold story of the witches of Oz."

Haley Podschun plays Glinda the Good Witch.

"It's a dream come true. I've been wanting to play Glinda since I first saw the show 10 years ago and now I get to do it eight times a week.@I like her journey, as well. She starts as a young girl then grows into a woman."

And speaking of journey, how she travels as Glinda comes with star power.@The bubble you see on stage, has had a big appearance before.

"This bubble is the same bubble that Kristin Chenoweth rode in on in the Tony's," Podschun said.

I not only got a behind the scenes look at the bubble, I got to ride in it! I was told to step in, buckle up, and enjoy it. That was easy advice to say, but I'm afraid of heights! My flight above the Murat was amazing. I just kept thinking, don't look down and don't get sick!

When Haley's traveling, who knows what will pop into her thoughts?

"(I think about) how I'm breathing, relax my knees, or maybe I shouldn't have eaten that extra rib at dinner or something," Podschun said.

She loves performing in Indy.@The venue feels intimate, she can't see faces in the audience when she's performing, with the exception of some patrons.

"It's mostly pretty dark, but sometimes if someone's texting, I'll see their face shine by their phone. No texting!"

Haley may be playing Glinda the Good Witch, but even a nice girl asks you to put away the phone and enjoy the show.

Tickets are still available for the show and two-and-a-half hours prior to each performance, you have a chance to buy two tickets for $25 in a lottery at Old National Centre.

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