White River crests in Indy

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The swollen White River crested in Indianapolis this morning after the recent snow melt followed by heavy weekend rain. Many homes, and businesses are in danger of flooding.

Among the trouble zones are the Ravenswood and Nora areas.

The people who've lived in Ravenswood for any length of time are no strangers to flooding. This is an area, because it is along the river, that floods regularly with heavy rain.

What is unusual is the time of year. The high water they've experienced - waist-deep in some areas - has covered roads and in some cases left residents stranded and unable to get to work.  Freezing January temperatures pose a different set of problems.

Rick Ward moved to Ravenswood two years ago, so this is his first flood. He is concerned about getting his cars into the garage. "Not much you can do about it," he said. 

There have been no evacuations, but that could come if the flooding gets worse. After rivers are expected to crest later this morning, freezing may be the next problem as they try to dry out and get their homes back in order.