White County approves large hog farm near youth camp

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Counselors at a popular Indiana kids camp are discussing their next move, after a decision to allow thousands of pigs at a nearby farm.

Camp Tecumseh in White County is the home away from home for more than 35,000 children each year.

Monday, county commissioners approved construction of barns that will bring 9,000 pigs less than a mile away from the camp. Camp leaders fought the plans.

"The smell and the water contamination and the two biggest issues. I don't want the smell to overbear the camp," said camp counselor Mackenzie Stark.

"We've been assured by them all along that it won't affect us and our opposition to that has always been that we just didn't know that was the main reason we are opposed to it. Bitterly disappointed," said Camp Tecumseh CEO Scott Brosman.

The camp pulled its online petition after the vote and is now considering what to do next.