White Castle testing response to beer, wine in Lafayette store


An Indiana fast food joint is serving up an unusual beverage. 

White Castle is test marketing beer and wine at it's Lafayette store off I-65.

It's the only White Castle in the country where you'll find alcohol for sale.

The beer and wine are on the menu at the White Castle Blaze. That's the chain's new barbecue spot.

When Blaze first opened, it offered the usual beverages but customers told the company they wanted beer or wine with their barbeque.

Beer runs $3 and $4 dollars a bottle. You can't get it at the drive through. It must be consumed in the store, and staff will "card" customers. Workers must now be 18 or older and are trained to look for phony ID's.

They even have ID scanners like you'd find in a bar. But White Castle Blaze emphasizes it's not a bar.

"It is not to be meant as a bar here," says White Castle's Dave Dore. "It is a complement to the meal. Folks who might be offended by this we hope they come to understand there are a lot of restaurants that serve all kinds of menu items, but still can be complemented with an alcoholic drink. I think that's what we intend to do. Not to be meant as a carry out. Not to become a big party place."

Some customers objected to the alcohol sale in what they consider a family restaurant.

Others told us they like the idea...and the barbecue.