When It Is Time To Leave Make A Safety Plan

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Making the decision to leave a relationship is difficult and, at times, it can increase your risks for danger.  That is why you need to have a safety plan in place as your prepare to make this important step to improve your life.

 Neighbors can be a great help in this difficult time. Create a “safety signal” that will alert a neighbor to call the police should you need help. Pack a Bag! 

  • Change of clothes for yourself and children
  • Address book – include phone numbers of friends, relatives, doctors, attorney
  • Money – include change for a pay phone
  • Extra keys – to house and car
  • Emergency medicines
  • Important papers – include checking and savings account numbers; copy of lease; copy of No Contact Order/Protective Order, birth certificates; social security numbers for yourself, children and partner, TANF/SSI/Medicaid cards; etc.

Seek Safety 

You can find help by going to any Indianapolis Fire Department or Township fire station 24 hours a day.  You can also contact the Domestic Violence Network of Greater Indianapolis at (317) 475-6110 or the Helpline at (317) 926-HELP. Being prepared is an important step to being safe.