What's for breakfast for the No. 43 race team?

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Before the drivers rev up their engines today, they have to fuel their bodies.

It begs the question — what's for breakfast?

From the back of hauler 43, it's a scramble to get about 30-35 people fed and ready for the day. The cook's frying up bacon, eggs, sausage and pancakes.

It's not the most nutritious meal, but consider the sponsor for the 43 car.

"We're are fueled by bacon, sausage, all of it," said Scott Robbins, the guy who drives the hauler and who many times is the cook.

"We try to keep it really tasty for them," he said.

And despite the appearance, the team tries to keep it healthy and light on race day.

"It really is important to get those guys a decent, healthy breakfast and start the day on the right foot," Robbins said.

Photo: Scott Robbins