What is the United Christmas Service and who does it help?

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - As we've been telling you, money from the sales of our Sunrise Cookbook benefit the United Christmas Service. Carrie Cline has a look at who the service helps and how.

The United Christmas Service is a program of the United Way. They help over 5000 families each and every year and this year is no different. Joining me now to talk more about it is Katie Cordell. So, tell us what the United Christmas Service does.

"The United Christmas Service program helps families in need during the holiday season. We have two programs. We have direct assistance, which is the voucher program. Family members can go out and use the vouchers at stores to buy gifts, food items, toiletries. We also have our ever popular family sponsorship where you get matched with a family and then you go and shop for the family and deliver the gifts to the home," said Katie Cordell, Director of the United Christmas Service.

"How needed is this program," asked Eyewitness News Reporter Carrie Cline

"This is definitely a part of our basic needs. This sets up families in terms of future success by helping them meet their basic needs today," said Cordell.

"And you guys still need a lot of help," said Cline.

"We have over 1500 families who still need assistance this year. So, if you feel generous and want to make a donation, $120 can sponsor a family of four," said Cordell.

You can help support the United Christmas Service by buying a cookbook at Marsh Supermarkets. All proceeds help families in need.

If you'd like to sponsor a family, just go to: http://www.uwci.org/programs/united-christmas-service