What happened to summer?

Normal summer heat was replaced by almost fall-like temperatures Tuesday. (WTHR photo)
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The "dog days of summer" are feeling more like fall.

Instead of sweating out summer, we're turning off air conditioning and digging out jackets and sweatshirts. It's all thanks to the jet stream.

Downtown Tuesday morning, people hurried along wearing long sleeves, sweaters and scarves. Hoosiers accustomed to sweating through summer were suddenly shivering. Kimberly Gorham said so.

"Yes, [for] mid-July, July 15th - it's freezing."

Not even close, but lows in the 50's and high's in the low 70's are 10-15 degrees cooler than normal. It's a nice break for workers who typically labor in sweltering heat. Kirby Jackson was setting up scaffolding next to a downtown building.

"It's great," he said with a smile. "It feels good out here. I'm glad to be out here and not working inside."

But it's not so great for kids. City pools were nearly deserted; water from the pool fountains was blowing in the breeze. Who thought we would be talking wind chill temperatures in July? The pool water, a usually refreshing 77 degrees was ten degrees warmer than the air.

Landyrn Utterback, 10, stood neck deep in the pool.

"It's kinda warm in the water but outside it feels real cold." he said.

Garado, 7, did the best he could but gave up and got out of the water. He turned a towel into a blanket and shivered away.

Meanwhile, Judy Robertson walked with friends through downtown. She wore a sweater and carried a heavier second one.

"It feels like fall, but it is July!" she exclaimed. "What's going on, I don't know but it feels wonderful."

The unseasonable weather is not so wonderful on the East Coast, which has been pounded with rain. On the west coast, Washington and California are battling wildfires, extreme heat and drought.

Meteorologists said the jet stream is to blame. It's stretched south, pushing much cooler air to the Midwest.

Eyewitness News Meteorologist Sean Ash explained, "Basically, you are repositioning Indiana and moving in to the north. So, conditions that would be typically felt in Southern Canada, Central Canada in mid-July, we are getting-- we are getting that air down here."

But for how long? The steamy days of summer are bound to be back. Plan on breaking out the swimsuits and lawn sprinklers by this weekend. So get set to sweat.