What can you expect from a member of Indiana PHCC?

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1. Perform professionally, competently and responsiblyCarry out their own work or supervise the work of others with due regard to technical quality, appropriate insurance coverage and the interests of their customers; communicating and performing to an acceptable standard.

2. Safeguard the environment and public health and safetyTake all reasonable care to avoid damaging the environment or creating any danger of death, injury or ill-health to any person or damage to property.

3. Comply with all relevant laws, regulations, standards and codesWork in accordance with the relevant statutory requirements and plumbing codes.

4. Broaden, improve and maintain their skills, knowledge and personal qualitiesKeep up-to-date with developments in the plumbing industry by attending and participating in relevant training and educational activities.

5. Uphold the dignity, standing and reputation of the Indiana PHCC and the plumbing industry

Act professionally and adopt a form of behavior and appearance that will not cause offense to others.

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