Wet spring means more mosquitoes

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With all the rain we've seen so far this Spring, experts predict we'll probably see a lot more mosquitoes this year.

Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and we certainly have had a lot of it.  Some areas have seen record-breaking rainfall - much different than last year when we were wishing for rain. 

The early season mosquitos are not the ones that carry the West Nile virus, but they can be pesky. And they can carry disease for your pets.

Mosquito numbers are already climbing, according to Terry Gallagher of Marion County Mosquito Control.  "We're finding lots of mosquito larvae and some pupa in the woodland pools because of the heavy rain," Gallagher said. "So it kind of depends what happens the rest of the month, but potentially we might have a very active beginning of the season."

And mosquitoes live in the water about two weeks before they get big enough to head out on their own. So that's why today you may want to do what you can to eliminate the potential problem.

That means clearing any sources of standing water that can serve as mosquito harbors. Your gutters, birdbaths and buckets are most common.  Cool weather is helping us now by keeping mosquitoes down, but that won't last.  So any prevention you can do now will certainly help.

The city is also taking steps, according to Gallagher. "We've already had crews out starting in mid-April." Those crews have been testing those typical habitats for breeding and already treating.