Westfield gives US-31 workers a 'thank you' lunch

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The Highway 31 construction project in Hamilton County has been ongoing for a year now.

In fact, some of the INDOT workers are getting familiar with the area because of all the time they are spending there. Wednesday, they even got an invitation to lunch from the City of Westfield and about 50 or so workers decided to take them up on the offer.

"What you are doing for our community is just fantastic," Westfield Mayor Andy Cook told the workers.

PHOTO: Workers from the US-31 construction crew were treated to a free lunch by the City of Westfield

The project, which has removed what the mayor refers to as the cloud of uncertainty over the area, has already been in the works for a year and has at least that long left to go.

"It's nice to be recognized for what we do," Kevin Goldner said shortly after the meal.

"Not experienced anything like this. It's great to be appreciated," Justin Luellen another worker added.

"Highway 31 freeway is absolutely key to access to the largest sports park in the country," Cook told Eyewitness News, referring to Grand Park.

PHOTO: US-31 is a main thoroughfare to get drivers to Grand Park in Westfield

With more than 60 soccer and baseball fields, 600,000 visitors have already come to Grand Park. Once the work on US-31 is over, Cook believes many more will come - and spend money - in Westfield.

"They are on time," Mayor Cook said of the workers' schedule. "It looks like the Westfield section will be finished by end of 2015; Carmel in 2016 as I understand it. It looks they are getting pretty close."

"I thought it was all awesome people appreciate what we do. The time and effort we put into these projects to make it better for all the community," Justin Luellen marveled.

INDOT workers still have a lot to do on US-31, but they now know that it is appreciated, at least in Westfield.