Westfield entrepreneurs find fame 6 seconds at a time

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What can you accomplish in six seconds?

Two young men from Westfield have discovered a way to achieve fame using Vine videos. Brennan Tracy, 19, has 1.2 million followers on the app. Kent Devaney, 20, has 40,000.

"Just to be in any type of entertainment, you need a fan base on social media. It is basically today's television for a lot of kids and a great way to start and build up from there," Tracy explained as he took a break at the small meet-up held with fans in Carmel on Tuesday.

Girls asked for autographed t-shirts, pictures and cell phone messages.

PHOTO: Tracy and Devaney held a meet-and-greet with fans Tuesday

"Vine has changed so much in the last year compared to the audience of who was on Vine," Tracy observed. "It used to be college, older high school kids. By late November of last year, it started becoming a more younger app."

But it has led to deals with Office Depot, Party City, Regal Cinema and a contest with Adidas. Both hope it ultimately leads to Hollywood.

Click here for Tracy's Vine account. Click here for Devaney's.