Westfield detour on 161st St. to impact traffic

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New road construction in Hamilton County may cause headaches for commuters for months.

Work on a roundabout being added on 161st Street is set to start Monday, closing the segment between Oakridge Road and Union Street.

A detour will be setup sending traffic north to 169th Street during the construction. Work on the roundabout is expected to take less than 120 days.

Other road projects affecting Hamilton County:

Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) contractors will restrict the right lane of southbound U.S. 31 at 161st Street this afternoon at approximately 3:00 p.m. to repair damaged pavement within the construction work zone.

This restriction will end as soon as pavement repairs are complete, which contractors estimate will be before Thursday morning's commute hours.

The New U.S. 31 Hamilton County project will include new freeway exits at 146th Street, 151st Street and 161st Street. New ramps will connect 146th Street to the north with Greyhound Pass and 151st Street with a "split-diamond" interchange. A new freeway exit at 161st Street will have roundabouts controlling ramp and cross traffic. Local traffic on Union Street and 156th Street will pass under U.S. 31 with no on or off ramps.

More information about the new U.S. 31 Hamilton County and details about how to receive project updates can be found here.