Westfield Blvd construction begins today in Broad Ripple


If you drive on the north side in the Broad Ripple area, prepare for a major road closure starting this morning. Westfield Boulevard, from Broadway to College, will close for street, sidewalk and sewer improvements.  

The impact will be felt for the next three to four weeks. The intersection of College and Westfield is busy and backed up on a good day. Closing one of the streets is likely to create even more issues.  

If you know the intersection, you're no doubt familiar with the parking garage under construction on the corner. Sidewalks will be built adjacent to the garage and it seemed like an appropriate time to make some overall improvements in the area.

This is part of the Rebuild Indy initiative to improve streets, sidewalks as well as sewer upgrades. So Westfield will closed to vehicular traffic while the work to be done. A detour is marked on Kessler East Drive to College.  

"I think it will be a good thing overall," said Darla Barnett, who lives in Broad ripple. "The residents aren't going to be affected as much because they know how to get around it. It's the ones coming from far away to go downtown to work that may be more affected." 

The Towpath on the north side of Westfield Blvd. will remain just that, a crushed limestone path. The sidewalk is only going in on the south side of the street, which will remain open to pedestrians during the road closure. That closure could last up to a month.