West Virginia residents still face tap water restrictions after chemical spill

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Nearly 100,000 people in West Virginia may be able to use their tap water today after a chemical spill. But another 200,000 are still being told not to drink the chemically-contaminated water.

About one-third of Charleston residents can use their tap water again to cook, bath and drink it if they want. But officials say it's still going be a few more days before everyone in the nine-county area that was impacted by that chemical spill has usable tap water.

While things are getting better in Charleston, residents and officials in Cincinnati, Ohio are on alert there. That's because the residue from the chemical spill has moved down river and is in the Ohio River.

As a result, Cincinnati officials will close two water intake valves to protect that city's water system from any kind of residue. They say they are doing this as a precautionary measure.

They will close those valves for two days but the mayor says he doesn't expect any impact on the city's water system and he emphasizes that it is safe to drink.