West side neighborhood wakes up to garage fire and slashed tires

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A scary wake up call for Chastity Simpson and her family Sunday morning.

"I just kept calling the neighbors next door until I woke them up and said your garage is on fire. You need to get out of there. It's almost to the back of your house," said Simpson.

The detached garage next door to her home on Moreland Avenue on the city's west side, gone. Simpson's siding as well. "It kind melted the kitchen window as well, warped it," she said.

"We started to realize that with a garage in the middle of the night something is a little awry. Investigations got on the screen and took over from there," said Craig Peoples with the Wayne Township Fire Department.

Neighbors woke up because of the fire and when they did, several of them realized their tires had been slashed.

Brian Dugger's car was one of eight in the neighborhood that now needs new tires.

"To wake up and get going and have four flat tires, now I have to buy new tires. It is frustrating; for no reason," said Dugger.

Investigators tell us a total of nearly $60,000 worth of property damage happened in this neighborhood overnight.

While the Wayne Township Firefighters do believe this fire was arson, investigators aren't sure if the vandalism to these cars is connected.

Indianapolis Metro Police detectives are investigating the vandalism reports.

Anyone with information on the garage fire or vandalism to adjacent vehicles should contact the Wayne Twp Fire Department at 317-247-8501 or Crimestoppers at 317-262-8477(TIPS). Investigators are trying to determine if the vandalism and the fire are related.