West Nile spreads in Indiana; Now an app for that

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Indiana is witnessing the spread of the West Nile virus.

It's showed up in Hamilton, Morgan and Rush Counties in Central Indiana.

The State Health Department reports 17 mosquito infections in 13 counties.

So far, they haven't heard of any human cases.

Now, your smartphone could help protect you from the threat of West Nile.

There's a new app that claims to keep the mosquitoes away.

Scientists say the app is based on a theory that's been tried before - emitting a high-end frequency that the developers of the app claim mosquitoes find distasteful.

"Putting out a frequency that's supposed to imitate the male wing beat frequency and deter females 'cause it's the female that bites," said Glen-Paul Edson with Pinellas County Mosquito Control in South Florida's Everglades.

The company that makes the app, Pico Brothers, says on its website: "It's not 100 percent cover, but it will ease the pain of mosquitoes biting you."