Welfare drug testing bill hits snag in state House

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The controversial welfare drug testing bill has hit a snag at the Indiana Statehouse.  

Bill author Rep. Jud McMillin (R-Brookville) decided Wednesday to file a dissent on the version that passed out of the Senate - but not for the reason you might think. McMillin wants the part where SNAP benefits are used to purchase nutritious food put back in after the Senate removed it.

Most thought McMillin's dissent would be because of a provision requiring drug testing to receive welfare benefits. McMillin said he is comfortable with a random pool of testing, including those who have prior drug offenses.

"I certainly anticipate those groups who want to file court challenges around the country as different states try to do this," Rep. McMillin said Wednesday. "I think the benefit we have here in Indiana is that we are not on the front end of this. We have learned from challenges in Florida, Georgia, Missouri and Michigan and Arizona and all over the place; We have taken that into consideration when we draft legislation here to meet constitutional muster."

McMillin's hope is a conference committee will meet to begin going over this Thursday.