Weird Al takes on "Word Crimes"

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Grammar Nazis, rejoice! Weird Al Yankovic has just the song for you.

The adaption of Robin Thicke's huge hit "Blurred Lines" turns the toe-tapping number into a long list of grammar violations. Naturally, it's called "Word Crimes."

We've all seen the offenders on social media: people who can't be bothered using spell checker, or those who don't let their lack of knowledge about English grammar stop them from jumping into an online discussion.

"Maybe you flunked that class, and maybe now you find that people mock you online," Weird Al intones.

Most of the video demonstrates common mistakes like confusing "it's" and "its," when to use "less" or "fewer," and how to pronounce "espresso."

The best advice in the song? "Get it together. Use your spell checker." And never write words with numbers in them unless you're seven years old.

Watch it here.