Weekend escape wasn't a first for Michigan City prison

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Sandra Chapman/Eyewitness News

Michigan City - The men who broke out of the Michigan City prison over the weekend are not the only ones missing.

Behind razor wire and a 30-foot wall, it was supposed to be an insurmountable barrier to ensure that Indiana's most dangerous stay put. But it appears the stopgap didn't go deep enough.

Early Sunday, three natural "lifers" crawled their way out of the maximum security prison through underground tunnels.

"When an escape occurs from any facility, especially a maximum security facility, something went wrong," said Doug Garrison, Indiana Department of Corrections.

But it's not the first time an inmate has slipped out of the State Prison at Michigan City, which houses death row inmates.

Eight years ago almost to the day, another inmate found his way out of the Michigan City prison, under the belly of a dump truck. Larry Woods hasn't been seen since.

Woods was serving a 60-year sentence for the murder of an Indianapolis restaurant manager in 1993. Six years later he was on the run. At one point, prison officials thought he may have been crushed in the garbage truck and dumped into a landfill, but even now they can't be sure.

"He has not been captured to date. There is some potential that he may be dead, but there have been some sightings but he has not been caught despite quite a law enforcement effort to catch him," said Garrison.

Those efforts include a page on America's Most Wanted's site. Now the names of two more fugitives from Michigan city could be added to that list.

"Sometimes the bad guys find a way," said Garrison. "Our efforts will be directed at making sure that doesn't happen again."

Family members of the victims and the suspects have been put on notice regarding the escapees. Anyone with information is asked to contact their local authorities.