Weather doesn't dampen Halloween spirit in Ellettsville

Children in Ellettsville hit the streets for trick-or-treating Thursday night.

Most towns around central Indiana moved trick-or-treating to Friday night or Saturday. But some children did brave the conditions Thursday in places like Ellettsville, which did not delay Halloween like dozens of other cities despite the threat of severe weather.

"This is a kids' night," said Jim Arnold as he inflated a giant pumpkin in his Ellettsville yard.

But eyes were on the sky as severe weather loomed.

"Right now it looks okay, considering what it looked like earlier today," said Diane Carter.

Halloweeners didn't waste any time, hitting the streets at 5:30 p.m. Parents followed in cars, just in case.

"We can all jump in, in case of a serious downpour or winds," said one mother.

When it got cold and rainy just before a tornado watch was issued, some of the kids wanted to climb into those cars.

Town officials said they would leave it up to parents to decide whether their children went out Thursday. Carter agreed with the decision.

"If it gets real bad, we definitely will come in. We're going to walk this road by our house and if it gets bad we'll come home," she said.