Water main break at the Pyramids

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Another water main break is affecting a major complex, shutting down the Pyramids on theIndianapolis north side.  Property managers can't confirm weather is to blame, but the closure is affecting a lot of people. 

Property managers were notified about the water main break overnight. They arrived, assessed the damage and discovered the main pipe that supplies water to all three buildings was broken. They shut off the water and consequently all three buildings are closed until further notice.

What that means is that the buildings' 40 tenants that serve more than 500 people are pretty much shut out until further notice. Eyewitness News talked with one of the tenants who had a class scheduled here and he described what he called a minor inconvenience for them. 

"We came in real early and hiked up eleven floors because the elevators aren't working. They had to shut them down. We got our students' numbers and told them we were moving the class to the Drury Inn for our class," said Dan Wilhite.

Crews are working to fix the problem. We're told repairs are going well, but there's no word on how long it will take or when these buildings will re-open.

As far as damage, we're told there is a little water in all three basements including a conference center in the center building. Property managers say it's nothing major they can't fix once they get the water out and dry everything out.