WATCH: Policeman videos encounter with bear on road

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OCKLAWAHA, Florida (WTHR) - If a big bear wandered in front of your parked car, you probably shouldn't do what this officer did in Florida.

He videotaped the encounter.

The bear appears to be out for a stroll as he wanders onto the road in front of the patrol car.

The officer calls him "buddy" and the bear comes closer.

Then the big surprise, the officer actually opens his car door to presumably get a closer look as the bear stands just a few feet away.

For a second it looks like the bear wants to crawl in.

They look at each other for a moment and then the bear went on his merry way.

Turns out Florida black bears are not nearly as aggressive as grizzly bears.

But the Florida Fish and Wildlife Service advises never to welcome a bear to come near you, because even direct eye contact can be seen as aggressive behavior.

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