Warren Township kindergartner dragged by school bus

Keah is warning all parents to make sure nothing is hanging from their children's backpacks that could get caught in bus doors.
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A child is recovering after getting dragged by a school bus. Her mother says she doesn't blame the bus driver.

The child's mother has an important warning for other parents about children's backpacks.

The Warren Township kindergartner has some bumps and bruises. She got off the bus Monday afternoon near Platinum and Foxbriar Place as Keah, her mom, watched from the front porch.

But this time, something on the girl's backpack got caught in the school bus door and the bus driver had no clue it happened. When the bus pulled off, dragging her daughter, the mother screamed and managed to get the driver to stop.

"I could see her getting dragged underneath the bus and I ran screaming down the block and the bus stopped. I can't be sure what got caught in the bus," explained Keah. "She had a tag that was hanging up here and I have cut that off since but I would definitely warn not to have anything hanging off her backpack at all."

The mother is not blaming the bus driver. However, a spokesperson at school headquarters tells a different story, saying the bus did not drag Keah's daughter and re-applied the brakes after noticing the little girl near the bus.

Still, the district takes what happened very seriously. The bus driver is now on administrative leave until the investigation is complete. A report was filed with Warren Township Schools transportation.

The school district released this statement: 

"The district's expectation is for all bus drivers to follow the standard, statewide CDL procedure of scanning the front, both sides, and the steps of the bus during boarding and exiting. "

Now Keah wants every parent make their children's backpacks are safe to carry.

"I just cut that extra tag off and definitely even considering cutting these straps, just making sure there is no extra stuff and accessories hanging off the bag," she said.

Keah doesn't consider her daughter escaping serious injury mere happenstance. She has always made safety a priority.

"Actually the night before I had prayed over her in bed for God's protection on her," said Keah.