Warrant unit cracking down on criminals


Deputies are turning up the heat on violent criminals in our neighborhoods, promising to hunt down people they say are responsible for a recent crime wave.

Hours of planning and the right amount of man power, say members of Marion County's Warrant Unit, go into tracking down this city's most wanted criminals.

"There's a whole lot of work that goes into it, before they even go up and hit a door," said Marion County Sheriff's Deputy Jamie Essex.

On a good day. they say a handful of those criminals end up behind bars at the Marion County Jail without anyone getting hurt.

When it's time to go find and bring in some of Indianapolis's most wanted criminals, members of the county's warrant unit are the ones who do it.

"Our attempted murders. Our rapes. Our robberies," said Essex, explaining who they want to go after on a given day.

At Friday's first stop, the warrant unit was trying to bring in a man with two warrants for his arrest.

"One for dealing cocaine and other narcotics and dealing methamphetamine," explained Essex.

It's a risky business, say those who work at it.

"They've spent their time in jail or prison and they don't necessarily want to go back," said Essex speaking of the criminals.

That's why preparation is key.

"If you have a really, really bad guy, you need bodies to take with you," explained Essex.

"Sheriff's Department! Come to the door, please," shouted Essex, knocking on a door, hoping to bring in the man wanted for dealing drugs.

"You respond fastly. You use the element of surprise and you also bring enough to the fight, so to speak," explained Essex of the four other unit members he had with him, along with a police K-9.

Sometimes, there is no fight though, because no one is there.

"Bad guys don't want to be found sometimes," said Essex.

So it's on to the next stop. This one is on Shelby Street.

"This is a parole violation from the Indiana Department of Corrections," explained Essex. "Looks like his original charge was car theft."

The warrant unit has learned the man they want is inside a house on Shelby Street.

"He's in there," said Essex.

The suspect, though, is not coming out, so the warrant unit is going inside after him.

"Sheriff's Office with a warrant. If you're in here, you need to come out. We have a K-9," Essex shouted.

"Police with a K-9. You will be bit," members of the unit yelled, warning the man as they entered the home.

"Come out now. Crawl. Crawl."

"Get on the ground. Get on the ground. Get on the ground," they shouted at the suspect.

"We weren't violent, but we brought the tools to the table in this case, we brought a police K-9," explained Essex.

"He decided, 'Well, I'm not gonna get bit,' so he came right to us," he added.

It's not always this textbook.

That's why this team said they are always training, especially now with the city promising to get more criminals off the streets.

"You never know what's going to be coming around the corner," said Essex.