'Walking for Kevin' raises money for Indianapolis cancer patient

Dave Quear will embark on the four-day, 111-mile journey Wednesday morning.

Colts Coach Chuck Pagano's story hit close to home for an Indianapolis man who has been fighting his own battle against a rare form of bone marrow cancer called multiple myeloma.

Kevin McAdams' friend is doing all he can to help him win his battle. Dave Quear is on a mission called "Walking for Kevin." He's walking from Louisville to Indianapolis to raise money to help the young husband and father pay his mounting medical bills.

Dave Quear will embark on the four-day, 111-mile journey Wednesday morning. He came up with the idea shortly after McAdams was diagnosed last year.

"I felt like to get epic results I needed to take epic steps and the need that he's got is epic and this is the best thing I could come up with to get some attention," said Quear.

"I had a Girl Scout troop decide they wanted to donate the money they raised this summer, so I got a check from a troop in Lowell Indiana for $150. That just blew me away," said McAdams.

"To take time away from his family, to devote as much time as he's doing on the website; he's doing so many things. It's incredible," said McAdams, who appreciates Quear's efforts to help.

"Ever since I heard about Coach Pagano and with him going to the IU Simon Cancer Center; that's where I was at. I wish I could talk with him; just keep getting through it. You can definitely make it," said McAdams, imagining what he might say to the coach.

Quear will start walking Wednesday morning in Louisville. He's set to arrive at Garfield Park on the south side Sunday at 3:00 pm. Everyone is invited to come out and welcome him home.

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