Voyeurism victim speaking out


"This man could be out on the streets in the next five minutes if bail is posted. This is not okay, said Kelly Stone.

Two years ago, Stone chased down Adam Mittler after she caught him taking cell phone pictures of her in a Castleton Square Mall changing room. Now he is behind bars after he was arrested for voyeurism again.

"This is not a rehabilitation situation. He had that chance. He needs to go to jail he cannot be out on the streets" said Stone.

The 33-year-old homeless man was on probation for a 2011 voyeurism conviction in LaPorte County when he admitted to his parole officer he had touched two girls at Castleton Square and peeped in a bathroom at the downtown Hyatt.

He was arrested and released but IMPD didn't let him go far.

A female undercover officer followed Mittler into the women's restroom at the Hyatt Regency downtown and within a few seconds of closing the door, she saw Mittler's cell phone underneath the stall.

"Luckily, the Indianapolis Police department was on top of this. Luckily they were able to catch him but how many people before 2010 has he done this to?," said Stone.

Voyeurism was already a crime but because of Stones persistence, the laws were strengthened in Indiana.

Now if one of the illegal images is transmitted, it becomes a felony. She says that's still not enough.

"Voyeurism is a sex crime and women should be protected in the state of Indiana" said Stone.

Stone's greatest fear is that Milttler won't be the one who will be punished, "'(Will he) hurt someone? I'm not worried I know he is going to hurt someone."

She is now urging others who were victimized to come forward so her concerns don't become reality.

Anyone with information about additional victims should contact the Marion County Prosecutors Office